Bat-eared Fox


The bat-eared fox (Otocyon megalotis) lives on the African savannah, preferring short grassland areas where it hunts mostly for insects. Its big ears are used for themoregulaton.

We at CREEM have been involved in analysis of a multi-species line transect survey of mammalian carnivore species in the Serengeti, Tanzania. Other species surveyed included lion, hyaena, jackal (3 species) and cheetah. Because the study area is fairly open and flat, the surveyors were able to drive a set of parallel survey lines in 4WD vehicles. Analysis was complicated by the fact that we wanted to compare results with those from previous surveys of the same area, which had used somewhat different methods; also sample sizes of observations were small and we had to pool some information across species.

We found significant declines in densities of bat-eared fox, and two species of jackal. Full details are in the paper by Durant et al. (2011) referenced below.

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