Welcome to the CREEM Mural home page!

CREEM is the Centre for Research into Ecological and Environmental Modelling, at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. Our mission is to develop and apply cutting-edge statistical methods to ecological and environmental problems.

We have a beautiful mural in the entranceway to our building, the old Observatory, created by Dr. Cornelia Oedekoven. The mural shows a researcher surrounded by some of the species we have worked on, and symbols depicting the models and methods we have used.

Each part of the image below is linked to a page giving more information - please click on an animal, plant, equation or diagram to find out more about it!

The mural was officially opened on 25th November 2016 by our Principal, Professor Sally Mapstone. Here are some photographs from the opening event.

Additional resources about the mural:

  • A higher quality version of the above image.
  • A poster (pdf format), describing the animals and symbols.
  • A leaflet (pdf format) about the mural. (It's designed for printing double-sided onto A4 paper and folding into 3.)
  • A leaflet for kids (pdf format) with a quiz about the animals on the mural. (It's designed for printing double-sided onto A4 paper and folding into 3.)
  • Web page containing a video showing the mural being created by Cornelia.

If you'd like to come and see the mural for yourself, you'll be very welcome. Please contact CREEM to arrange a visit. We particularly welcome school groups, and will be happy to arrange some other learning activities. For some other examples of public engagement activities we've been involved in, see the CREEM public engagement page.

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